Why Ginger?

I am too talented to be unemployed, but nonetheless currently am. I am a man of many passions: writing, performing and visual arts, world culture & politics, food & beverages, gardening. With a respect-filled fear and awe of science and math. And, to a certain degree, of growing up.

So why ginger? Because ginger itself awakens the senses, and its history and myriad applications awaken my curiosity. It sort of makes me feel like a kid again! Selling ginger products could be fun and profitable, and starting a ginger business could create the stories that give Gingerisms shape. To make it work, I will have to ginger up, venture out in the world and find my way.

Why now? Because I’m nearly 30 and it’s time for me to have a career which defines me and that I can be proud of. Because for the last eight months, I thought I was happy because I was in love, even though I had no discernible career path, and then suddenly had the rug pulled out from under me. Not a “poor me” statement there, either, more a “time to ginger up” type of alarm. She wants to be with the me that I can be, but can’t be with the me I’ve been anymore. So I simply have to be more.

And to be more, I think I need to be the Ginger Man. The world needs more ginger, and the warm, happy flavors and aromas it brings. Its effects are curative, invigorating, and inspiring.


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