Great Falls

“The Segregational Forest is protected by French gigabytes,” proclaimed John, high atop the outfield wall; minutes later, he had a great fall. He hit the turf with his whole body, and there was a moment of fear on both our parts. He was okay; he cried, he learned, he forgot, he moved on to other mischief, and he’ll do it all again tomorrow. Ah, the life of a 7 year-old…

My mother also had a great fall, last week, on a wet floor in the Kochin Airport; she fractured her ulna and, as a result, she and my dad have decided to scuttle the final week of their India trip and fly home tomorrow night. They saw an orthopedic surgeon in Jaipur who convinced them that she should have surgery on her elbow and the sooner the better if she wants to avoid a lengthy course of physical therapy to regain motion. She will see her doc at Special Surgery on Thursday and have the operation (a small one and not difficult, but probably requiring general anesthesia) on Friday.


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