The Well of Youthful Living

a cool well beside the monk’s house
a clear spring feeds the well and the water has great powers
emerald green leaves grow on the wall
the deep red berries shine like copper
the flourishing branch like a walking stick
the old root in a dog’s shape signals good fortune
the goji nourishes mind and spirit
drink of the well and enjoy a long life

-Tang Dynasty poet Liu Yuxi (772-842 AD)

Cait & I picked up some dried goji berries from the coop last weekend, while shopping for a salad that included coop fiddleheads, arugula, scallions, strawberries (and shell steak that we later picked up from KeyFood— the meat selection at the coop is still not all that). Thanks to Cait, the goji berries ended up in the salad— they definitely stood out in the salad for their uniquely sticky, gummy texture— but not in our dessert of grapefruit campari sorbet with warm kumquat and blackberry sauce.

Like ginger, goji berries are an ingredient in many Eastern remedies. Their health benefits are well-documented— they contain 19 different amino acids, and are a better source of Vitamin C than oranges.

Perhaps this— and the fact that “goji berry” is fun to say— explains Cait’s decision to start a blog called Gojiisms. I heartily support this venture, as there is more than enough room in the foodie blogosphere for us both. We are not competing; if anything, we are each validated, made stronger for the existence of the other.

Long live Gojiisms!


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  1. cait said

    you’re a STAR! ::


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